All we do is ship you amazing coffee.
Awesome, fresh coffee.
Conveniently delivered to your home or office, hassle free.
Mayday is the convenient, hassle-free coffee subscription service: super-fresh coffee delivered fortnightly or monthly.
How it Works
Discover amazing coffee

Each month, I find and pick a different coffee for you to be amazed by.

This means that for days in each month, I run around like a crazy man, finding the most-awesome coffee I can to send out.

This doesn't mean high-fallutin' crazy-#rsed coffee that requires a PhD in coffee.

All it means is damned good coffee that will put a smile on your face and, I hope, amaze you.

This is premium craft coffee for people who obsess about coffee, curated by someone who loves coffee (and who's growing many, many coffee trees on his farm).

Once you decide 'I'm in!'...
  • Choose from a monthly subscription or one off order (these ship fortnightly). Oh, 3, 6 and 12 month subs are coming soon.
  • Choose the quantity (orders over 1kg ship free, and I mean, really free, not "it's "free" but we added it into the item price.").
  • Check out with Paypal using your credit card (we use Paypal for subscriptions too).
  • You're good to go!
  • Only whole beans are shipped to ensure freshness (if you need a grinder, email me for a sweet deal on a grinder from Hario Gear!).
  • All orders are shipped with tracking and usually arrive 3 days after sending.
What You'll Get
  • Freaking amazing coffee. Guaranteed.
  • Tasting info? You betcha. I'll tell you what I found in plain English: you won't require a PhD in coffeeology (and really, coffee doesn't need to be like wine, does it?).
  • A hot damned guarantee that if the coffee isn't fresh, or you just don't dig the service, you'll get your money back.
  • Tracked shipping? That's a yes too.
Sign up now

From $19.15 a month inc shipping
Free shipping on orders of 1kg or more!

Get coffee so fresh, you'll have to wait a few days to try it.
  • We've got the best in the business on board. Only the best will do.

  • Interesting coffee, different coffee, awesome coffee.

  • Delivered where you want. Home? Work? Your call.

  • Delivered in 250gm increments - so coffee monsters (or offices etc) can load up (why stop at 1kg!)

  • One off purchases (gifts, emergency coffee supply) and automatic subscriptions. You decide.

  • Set and forget monthly subscriptions - pause if you go on holidays, cancel at any time without penalty.

  • Awesome for home coffee, office coffee, school staffers, fire services, police or the hardcore coffee squad.

  • The longer you stay with us, the cheaper it gets (we love loyalty).

  • We also have fortnightly coffee delivery.

From $19.15 a month inc shipping
Free shipping on orders of 1kg or more!

From $21.15 per order, inc shipping
Free shipping on orders of 1kg or more!

What people are saying...

"Just a quick note to say thank you for providing such a great service. I've had a subscription of 500g for most of this year and every month, without fail I get my shipment of freshly roasted coffee beans. The best part about your service is that I don't need to do the hunting, every month I get a new delivery of beans to try and I'm constantly impressed with the quality. Keep bringing those awesome beans to my doorstep! Happy Coffee Snob." Chris, Melbourne

Freshness guarantee

We (that's two people, Kate and I) guarantee the freshness of each coffee order. In fact, most coffee should reach you within a week of roasting, meaning you can sit on it (not literally!) for a few days, or rock it right away to get awesome, snappy, gassy, coffee with attitude.

If you're not happy with the coffee freshness, just let us know, and we'll sort you out with a new batch, muy pronto.

Delivery + a few days = smooth. Delivery + drink now = bright, gassy, slight capricious.

Got questions? Ask 'em!
  Got friends? Refer them!

Simply refer your friend to Mayday, and for every friend that signs up to a coffee subscription with the referral link in the email we'll send, we'll credit your Mayday account with $5, to be used for your own one-off or subscription purchases.

Refer a friend
Here are some questions people just like you ask. Click for answers.
"How do you choose the coffee?".
Mayday is about surprising you with something special. I try and find different coffees that you'd ordinarily not be exposed to. For sure, it's likely you drink amazing coffee a lot - from people like Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Bean Drinking and my fave, Padre. Often times, you'll get access to blends before anyone else does. The guys at Bean Drinking and Padre give you exclusive access to their new stuff before anyone else.
"I have a subscription and I'm going on holidays! Help!"
It's all good, tiny dancer. If you have a monthly subscription, simply pause it and we'll skip your shipment for as long as it's paused. Plus, you won't get charged. When you're ready to restart it, login and restart it. Once we implement fixed term plans, we'll cover you for this case as well.
"Can I cancel a monthly subscription at anytime?".
You sure can. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. If they're cancelled before the next shipment, you won't be charged again.
"What about fixed term (e.g. 3/6/12 month) plans? Will I get a refund if I cancel?".
Here's the deal with fixed term plans. There's a discount on these plans in return for you signing up and paying in advance. Ordinarily, there'd be no refund. But, realistically, if you're really bummed with the service, or it's just not for you, you'll get a pro-rata refund, because I want you to be happy and tell your friends, "Hey, those Mayday cats are alright".
"I want to buy someone some coffee as a gift? Can this be done?".
It sure can! Simply choose the shipping address for your coffee (regardless of whether it's a one off purchase or monthly/fixed term subscription.
"Can I change my details (like shipping address)?".
Absolutely. You can change that in your dashboard. Just drop me a line to make sure it goes through. I'll be adding address book functionality to the site soon, so you can apply addresses from your address book to certain shipments. Until then, I just want to make sure you get your coffee.
"What happens if I don't like the coffee?".
Please email me straight away as I'll want to know what it is about the coffee you didn't like. If it's personal preference, there's not much I can do about that, but if something goes wrong, remember, there's a freshness guarantee.
"Do you ship overseas (outside Australia)?".
Not yet. Mayday is definitely looking to expand outside Australia (UK, Canada, USA, NZ for starters). If you know an awesome roaster in your area, please let me know and I'll see if I can set something up.
"How fresh will my coffee be?".
VERY! Mayday aims to have your coffee to you within 1 week of roasting. For most coffee, this means that its ideal brewing time will commence about 2-3 days after you receive it. You can still brew it straight away, and it'll be very lively - and fun!
"What if something goes wrong?".
Please email me right away! I want Mayday to be the type of company I'd love to deal with, so I'm here to make sure everything is as awesome as possible for you.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We built a coffee of the month service for coffee we'd want to drink every day. We think you will too.

Stand by for some HOT new features coming soon.